The Beginning of My Journey

Hi all! So before we get started on you reading my spiritual journey I figured a post about me would be good. So I grew up in a Christian family which I don’t want to say is a catalyst for being an atheist but it definitely doesn’t hurt.

Now, it seems like most religious people think atheists are these huge jerks who want to dedicate their entire life to the end of faith (clearly an exaggeration). That isn’t true, I, like most atheists, come from a religious background and have decided that religion just isn’t for me. And in fact like many atheists I find religion fascinating and love to study it.

I believe that every major religion has a message of love and equality that the world would be a better place for. Jesus was a wonderful guy who said “But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back” (Luke 6:35) and Mohammed (Peace be upon him) was a great guy who believed everyone should be treated equally with the Qur’an famously saying “And verily this Brotherhood of yours is a single Brotherhood” (Qur’an 23:52-54).

Because of my belief that the central message in religion is the same I decided to create this blog. I will attempt to unbiasedly document my journeys into the religious world. The primary focus of this blog is to record my thoughts and scriptures from the major religions of the world into a non-hateful accepting way.

Now, with that being said you and I will not always come to the same conclusions, and that is important. I want you to tell me your thoughts on my thoughts, this doesn’t mean that my opinion will shift, but hopefully it will start a conversation. There should be a conversation about different religions and hopefully this blog will help in some way.

So what’s next? Well in the next couple of months I intend to attend a Buddhist festival, go to a local Gurudwara and begin studying Islam and participate in Ramadan. If any of this seems interesting to you, tune in. If not, well, oh well.

Thank you!

Bryce M. Ridley


5 thoughts on “The Beginning of My Journey

  1. Brice, you may be to young to have had the need for a fox hole in life. A time will come , most likely when you have children of your own, when bullets filled with sickness, bullets filled with unknown outcomes , bullets filled with heartache are being fired not just at you but at your children also , you will seek a safe place , a place that provides cover and a plan to move forward , a fox hole as it were.
    Choose wisely who’s fox hole ya all jump in, the one you dig for yourself may not be deep enough.

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